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Say hello to the next generation of live streaming tools.

A step beyond other Twitch bots you've
seen before.

Imagine having a stream tool that
can boost your Twitch streaming via
  • Genuine relationships with viewers and other streamers
  • Endless fresh interactions that spark inspiration
  • Twitch channel growth with a connected audience

It's hard to grow on Twitch.

But the journey gets smoother with
a stream chat bot that can offer...

Full-scope Shoutouts

Get a fully-loaded introduction to a streamer, as easily as any other !so command.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd

    Offer a unique shoutout experience that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Deepen Community Bonds

    Make fellow creators feel seen and valued with descriptions that show depth.

  • Show Appreciation

    Help viewers get familiar fast, encouraging authentic follows.

justalilguy47: hey there folks.
prime badgenathanmriley: ADHD makes you clumsy af
partner badgeZeateab: That's so true LUL emote yeah. I bump in to things like literally every day

Lurker Love

Boost engagement and loyalty with zero effort.
Make every '!lurk' count.

  • Inclusive Acknowledgment

    Show appreciation for all your viewers, even if they can't fully tune in for now.

  • Grow Viewer Retention

    A personal touch when they step away makes it more likely they'll return.

  • Effortless Engagement

    Ensure every !lurker feels noticed, even when you're busy or might miss their message.

partner badgewardrobe_melfunction: oh gosh. i feel that so much!
dwarvenferocity: i'm a leo and yes, i know i'm vain af (it's on purpose)
Kurikki: I am a taurus and I have ADHD, so I can be stubborn and dramatic.
puppygreydogs: I’m a cancer toooo 🦀 us crabs gotta stick together
partner badgewardrobe_melfunction: wait.. you a social worker too????? now i know why i like you. <3
dwarvenferocity: the adhd said "oooooo, caffiene~"
puppygreydogs: I brought myOWN paring knife LUL emote
VHSNostalgia: Yeah, I saw it yesterday and popped in for a minute but had to yeet for family stuff LUL emote

Warm Welcomes

Transform every follow into an opportunity for engagement and community growth.

  • Capture Attention

    Highlight each newcomer's unique presence, turning follows into moments of connection.

  • Fuel Return Visits

    Create first impressions that turn new followers into regular viewers.

  • Start the Wave

    Every custom welcome can trigger a ripple effect, compelling other onlookers to join the community.

imdustytrails: omg i LOVE this song
toppestkek102: I'm really loving these dancing vibes in here HeyGuys emote hey chat, I hope you're all doing well GivePLZ emote GivePLZ emote
anotherday82741813: what song choices do we have?
Misterspacee: AYYYY
Misterspacee: pickles are amazing yo
Misterspacee: you guys rock, cool kids
TharBeMermaids: she said "OMG HIII"
TharBeMermaids: and I know she's listening to your stream dancing along

And that's just the
tip of the iceberg

  • Smart Scheduled
    Chat Messages

    The next generation of timers. Effortlessly intelligent.

  • Attention Retention

    Keep your viewership up through the ad breaks.

  • Custom Celebrations

    Foster a culture of generosity and appreciation.

  • Tailored Raid Messages

    Thoughtfully bridge the end of your stream to the next.

See what FrostyTools can
do for you.

  • It's SO easy. Minimal streaming setup. Connect in < 1 minute!
  • Use your own bot account and your channel emotes
  • No extra passwords to manage. Just link your Twitch account
  • Control the style & personality to match your stream
  • Nothing to install. Works even if you stream from a phone!

And development is still active!

(as is the community)

Coming Soon

Living Portrait
Sound Alerts

Messages that move: Pre-craft the words, then let viewers' bits bring the portrait to life.

  • Channel Your Creativity

    Dive into a range of faces and voices, crafting the perfect (or perfectly absurd) alert.

  • Forge Memorable Moments

    Turn inside jokes into dynamic alerts, solidifying community connection with every shared laugh.

  • Drive Revenue the Fun Way

    Motivate viewers to spend bits, while turning each contribution into a stream highlight.



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