Frosty Tools

Streaming just got a whole lot cooler.

Full-scope Shoutouts

Get a fully-loaded introduction to a streamer, as easily as any other !so command.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd

    Offer a unique shoutout experience that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Deepen Community Bonds

    Make fellow creators feel seen and valued with descriptions that show depth.

  • Show Appreciation

    Help viewers get familiar fast, encouraging authentic follows.

justalilguy47: hey there folks.
prime badgenathanmriley: ADHD makes you clumsy af
partner badgeZeateab: That's so true LUL emote yeah. I bump in to things like literally every day

Living Portrait
Sound Alerts

Messages that move: Pre-craft the words, then let viewers' bits bring the portrait to life.

  • Channel Your Creativity

    Dive into a range of faces and voices, crafting the perfect (or perfectly absurd) alert.

  • Forge Memorable Moments

    Turn inside jokes into dynamic alerts, solidifying community connection with every shared laugh.

  • Drive Revenue the Fun Way

    Motivate viewers to spend bits, while turning each contribution into a stream highlight.

StreamScoop Chat Recaps

Missed the chat? One command brings you right back in.

  • Instant Viewer Clarity

    From first-timers to fans: Glide into the conversation, connect in a heartbeat.

  • Boosted Chat Participation

    When everyone's caught up, more join the dialogue. Chat flows, participation grows.

  • Unified Community Vibes

    Less confusion, more connection. Strengthen bonds, grow organically.

OcarinaBot: BlueAppendage_, you have obtained the Mask of Truth! You also have collected a Gold Skulltula Token! [25/100] You found a Red (20) Rupee! [200/200] [2nd/3rd roll]
meteorlanding7: the bathtub demons are coming to get her :(
vip badgeFrancescaAliveWoman: thank you for the stream <3
OcarinaBot: someoldthings777, you have obtained a Deku Nut [4/20]! You found a Red (20) Rupee! [100/100] [1st/3rd roll]
SomeDiamondStore: Very educational
OcarinaBot: BlueAppendage_, you have obtained a Deku Seed [7/50]! You found a Purple (50) Rupee! [200/200] [3rd/3rd roll]
PunkHateShrub: Pull the plug before you drown cutie 😬
silverwizzard: gn
moderator badgeforeignreptile: AHHHH
SomeDiamondStore: RIP
vip badgeBlueAppendage_: 👋 See you all later.
meteorlanding7: flood moment
moderator badgeHideyourtrueself94: Don't forget about movie night.

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